Throughout history, Heroes are recognized as people who have accomplished great achievements. They are champions of strength and moral character.
In ROSE, heroes follow Junon, the patron god of adventurers. They deliver his message in their adventuresaround the 7 planets. Factions keep a historical record of their heroes within their ranks, as well as mementos of their many adventures. Users are able to check these histories once they join a faction.


Creator of the seven planets. Arua is constantly threatened by the menace of the god Hebarn. What role will the Visitors play in this celestial drama ?
Gods & Goddesses                       

Gods were believed to be perfect beings of flawless beauty and virtue. But in reality, the gods suffered from the same inadequacies and emotions as humans.
Like mortals they laugh and cry, grow angry and learn to forgive, fall in love and become jealous.

It was the through the love and imagination of the goddess Arua that the seven planets were created, but it was through the jealousy and anger of the god
Hebarn that the light of the seven planets were threatened
to be consumed in darkness.

Arua's lover, the god Junon, became aware of Hebarn's malicious intent and rushed to aid her in defense of the seven planets. As the patron god of adventurers, Junon marshaled the rise of heroes in times of crisis.
He came to enlist the aid of the human inhabitants of the seven planets in this war.