The Number of The Cleric
Let him who is in need of buffs reckon the number of the
Cleric, for it is an easy number. The number is 555-B U F F M E P L S

I hunt alone, no friends are on
I need some cleric buffs or my exp will go down

What should I do? Where should I go?
I think I saw a cleric here some time ago

I might try Zant or Junonpolis
But I got no scroll so Iíll give up on this

So Iím alone, itís noone there
To help me out
In my despair

The night is near and candle ghosts appear
I have to kill them fast or I get debuff
I find a clericís number in the yellow pages
So I get my phone and start to call
555- buff me please
I pay you good and beg on my knees